How They Work

Insolia® inserts were created by New Hampshire podiatrist, Howard Dananberg, DPM in response to hundreds of women in his practice suffering injuries from wearing high heels.

Dr. Dananberg realized that high heel discomfort was directly related to foot alignment and weight distribution. He identified the optimal foot position and alignment and created patented formulas to correct it. These formulas were used to create the technology in Insolia® inserts.

Posture alignment without/with Insolia inserts

Standard high heels shift weight to the ball of the foot and toes. Posture and body alignment shift to compensate. These effects cause a burning sensation in your forefoot, difficulty standing or walking, ankle weakness and leg and lower back pain. Insolia inserts shift weight to the heel, balancing the weight distribution while decreasing pressure on the ball of the foot. Insolia Inserts improve a womans body alignment and ankle stability while reducing leg and lower back fatigue, making high heels comfortable all day.

F-scan Data from Dr. Dananberg

The diagram shows how in standard three inch heels the centre of pressure is 75% on the front of the foot. This is shown on the foot on the left. When wearing three inch heels with Insolia inserts, (the foot on the right) the centre of pressure is moved to the heel. This reduces the forces pulling the body out of alignment.